Spicy Chicken Rice Seasoning (Kao Mohk Gai), Lobo, 0.88 oz

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Spicy Chicken in Rice Seasoning

Spicy Chicken in Rice Seasoning from Lobo brand is used to cook kao mohk gai  (yellow rice seasoned with aromatic spices, served with chicken). This dish is an Indian-style rice, being seasoned with dried spices and is also sometimes referred to as Chicken Biryani Rice. Its origin is in the Thai Muslim community of Thailand, where it is prepared for special occassions. In Thailand, people eat this dish usually at lunch and it is a favorite streetfood dish throughout the country, not often prepared at home. Normally kao mok gai is served with a clear chicken soup broth and sliced cucumber. Sweet chili sauce can also accompany the dish.

Directions are provided on the package for conveniently preparing this seasoning mix in the electric rice cooker.

Also see Chicken Seasoning Mix.

Ingredients: Dextrose, salt, soy sauce, spices silicon dioxide. Product of Thailand.

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