Baby Banana (Thai Gluay Kai), Product of USA, 2-3 lbs

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Baby Banana
Baby Banana (pisang mas in Malay, gluay ky or kluai kai in Thai) is a miniature sized banana, about 3-4 inches in length, which are much sweeter than the common banana. This type of baby banana may be eaten either fresh out of hand or simply fried or boiled in coconut milk.

There are about 20 different types of bananas commercially available in Thailand, with the gluay hom being the most popular eating variety. The gluay nam wah is another variety which is often cooked in Thai desserts. The variety here, the gluay ky, is excellent both cooked and eaten raw.

According to, the gluay nam wah has a tip which is more beaked than the gluay ky and the gluay nam wah fruits are slightly angular. The fruits of the gluay ky are short, more round and somewhat egg-like (hence the name, ky, which means egg in Thai).

This little round banana is so delicious that around the full moon in September, the province of Kamphaengphet holds an annual fair which includes a banana contest to promote their famous kluay kai. Kluai ky is grown in Kamphaengphet and Phetchaburi provinces and is exported from Thailand especially to Singapore.

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Ingredients: Baby banana is about 2-3lbs per bunch. Product of USA

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