Thai Sweet Potato (Mun Tet), Product of USA, 3 lbs

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Sweet Potato

Fresh Thai Sweet Potato (mun tet มันเทศ in Thai) is used in both savory and sweet Thai dishes. It is a key ingredient in Thai desserts such as fried sweet potato coated with sugar, boiled sweet potato in syrup and shredded and sweetened in palm sugar (mun run nok มันรังนก). It can also be added to curries like Massaman (แกงมัสมั่น) and even less commonly sour curry (แกงส้มมันเทศ). It is also enjoyed deep-fried either as fries (มันทอด) or roasted for a common inexpensive street food snack. The sweet potato is a root vegetable and is starchy and sweet tasting.

Ingredients: Fresh Sweet Potato. Product of USA.

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