Frozen Dried Sweet Fish, Product of Thailand, 8.0 oz

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Frozen Dried Sweet Fish

Dried Sweet Fish or plah reu geu haeng in Thai (Latin: Arius thalassinus) is a saltwater fish species in the sea catfish family which is native to the coastal & brackish waters of Thailand. Thais like to purchase this dried salted fish when they visit the seaside resorts outside of Bangkok to take back to the city and enjoy with rice soup or congee for breakfast as well as for snacking.

To prepare, fry in a pan or wok over medium to low heat with a little bit of oil. When the color starts to change to light brown, flip to the other side and cook until done. You may also microwave this type of fish.

Note that this fish is a frozen product, therefore be sure to receive delivery and freeze or refrigerate promptly.


Ingredients: Sweet fish and salt. Product of Thailand.

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