Dried Grachai (Rhizome) Powder, Caravelle, 1.75 oz

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Dried Grachai (Rhizome) Powder

Also known as grachai(กระชาย krachai in Thai or fingeroot, wild ginger, krachai, lesser ginger, kaempferia panduratum, zerumbet, boesenbergia pandurata or lesser galanga) this long finger-shaped rhizome is difficult to find fresh in the US. A member of the ginger family, it is most often used in Thai seafood dishes, because of its distinctive aromatic flavor (some say medicinal). It is used in Thai curry pastes especially for seafood and is also a key ingredient in Kanom Jeen Namya. Grachai

High in Vitamin A, grachai is appreciated for many curative powers and is rarely available fresh in the US. Grachai is also sometimes called Chinese Keys. "Fingerroot is used as a medicine, not for cooking, in China, and it is a rare spice in the cuisines of Vietnam and Indonesia." (Source: Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages)

Also see Pickled Grachai.

Ingredients: Rhizome (grachai) powder. Product of Thailand.

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