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Dried Squid

Dried Squid (plah mohk haang in Thai) is one of the most popular street side snacks in Thailand. Hawkers with charcoal grills are found in all parts of Thailand with dried squid clipped like laundered clothes on the line. The dried squid is lightly grilled, the taste smokey, salty and chewy, making it an inexpensive satisfying low-fat, high protein snack.

With a strong smell and chewy texture it adds a distinctive flavor to Chinese soups and other dishes. To prepare for Asian dishes, dried squid should be soaked in water overnight to soften. Some cooks add a pinch of baking soda or soak in soda water so the squid will expand and soften further.

Dried squid is made from sun-dried cleaned squid. See the video below to find out more details about how dried squid is traditionally made in Thailand.

BDMP brand is made by Bangkok Dehydrated Marine Product Co.,Ltd. which was established in 1986 and is a Thai exporter of high quality food products native to Thailand, especially dried seafood. With the goal of maintaining freshness, attractiveness of the seafood with convenience for customers, BDMP is recognized as a top quality brand.

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Ingredients: Dried squid and salt. Product of Thailand.

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