White Jasmine Syrup, Hale's Blue Boy, 25 oz

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White Jasmine Syrup

Hale's Concentrated Artificial Mali (Jasmine) Flavoring  (nam waan mali in Thai) is a sweet syrup flavored with artificial jasmine flavor and is a beloved brand in Thailand. It is often seen being served by street vendors with carts parked outside of grade schools, awaiting the end of school. Most usually in Thailand, Hale's Blue Boy White Jasmine Flavored Syrup, is served over crushed ice and eaten with a spoon. It can also be served stirred into cold water (such as mineral water or soda water) and served as an iced drink. Hale's Blue Boy syrups can also be added to fresh milk or plain condensed milk for a smooth and creamy refreshing cold drink which is becoming more popular at 'milk bars'. Add water to the condensed milk version for a thinner consistency. 

Hales Blue Boy is also available in the following flavors: Green (Cream Soda) and Red (Sala).

Jasmine or hohm mali flavor is one of the many exotic flavorings available in Thailand and is made from the white fragrant flower of the flowering jasmine tree. Also see jasmine flavoring.

Ingredients: Refined sugar, jasmine (mali) flavor and sodium benzoate. Product of Thailand.

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