Red Sala Syrup, Hale's Blue Boy, 25 oz

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Hale's Blue Boy Sala Syrup

Mix Hale's Blue Boy Sala Flavored Syrup (nam waan see deng) with cold water (such as mineral water or soda water) and stir well, serve as an iced drink. Or pour over crushed ice and eat with a spoon for a very Asian dessert. Hale's Blue Boy syrups can also be added to fresh milk or plain condensed milk for a smooth and creamy refreshing cold drink. Add water to the condensed milk version if necessary.

The Sala fruit is one of the many exotic fruits available in Thailand and the taste in unique and delicious. Hales Blue Boy is also available in the following flavors: Green (Cream Soda) and White (Jasmine).

Ingredients: Refined sugar, salo flavor, sodium benzoate and food color. Product of Thailand.

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