Fragrant Incense Candle, 2pcs, Product of Thailand, 2 pc

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Fragrant Incense Candle

Known as the Ylang-Ylang candle (เทียน), it's used to smoke a special type of exotic Thai cookie and desserts like A-Lua, Foi Thong, Kleep Lamduan, Tub Tim Krob, Salim and others. It is not surprising why this fragrant incense candle is used for many Thai desserts as the pleasant aroma effused when the candle is burnt subtly flavors the dish making it even more delicious to eat.

To smoke using fragrant incense candle , put the cookies or dessert in the suitable bowl or jar which have a lid by leaving a space in the middle for lighting the candle. Then put the candle in small plate and light it. Put the candle in the middle of a bowl and wait until the wick burning a bit and snuff the candle. After snuffing, the smoke will flow over the bowl. Cover rapidly with the lid and leave it for few hours.

Also see our Salim recipe.

Ingredients: Beeswax and various aromatic ingredients. Two candles per package.

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