Mama Duck (5 cts.), MAMA, 9.65 oz

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Mama Duck (5 cts.)

Noodles are ubiquitous to Thai fast food and integral to the Thai noodle scene is the Mama brand of instant noodles. Mama brand is so popular in Thailand that the brand name is often used on menus in Thailand.

Mama Noodles Duck Flavor is one of popular flavors of the many types of Mama brand Oriental-Style Instant Noodles. It gives duck in five spice flavor. Pour boiling water over noodles, wait a few minutes and eat!

To prepare, simply pour 1 cup of hot boiling water over the dry noodles and condiments. Cover the bowl and let stand for 3 minutes before serving. Add your own meat, egg or vegetables as desired for a more complete and satisfying meal or snack.

Also see Mama Noodle Pork, Mama Shrimp Tom Yum, and Mama Pho Sen Lek.

Ingredients: Chili powder, pepper powder, dehydrated leek, salt, sugar, garlic powder, msg, palm oil and artificial duck flavor. Product of Thailand.

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