Fried Fish with Chilli, Smiling Fish (Pla Yim), 3.0 oz

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Fried Fish with Chilli

Fried Fish in convenient can from Smiling Fish brand is one of simple food that can be eaten with many dishes like eating with boiled rice or steamed rice or even used as the ingredient for certain kinds of food like spicy salad.

Made from Grinner fish deep fried until it turns crispy and mix with chili and other seasonings to create full-flavored taste with mainly spicy taste. It is very easy to eat this fried fish within a minute by pulling up the can lid.

This fried fish is also recommended for bringing with when you go out for camping or outdoor activities like picnic with family and friends.

Also see Fried Clarias with Chili and Fried White Scale Fish.

Ingredients: Grinner fish, chili, sugar, soy sauce, salt and water. Product of Thailand.

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