Grass Jelly, AC, 19 oz

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Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly (or chao guay) is a black jelly found in many Asian countries enjoyed as sweet. This grass jelly made of boiling leaves and stalks of Mesona Chinensis (a type of mint) for many hours and leave until it is cool and turns out as jelly-like.

Grass Jelly is eaten as a dessert or served as a drink popular amongst Thai people. Cutting grass jelly in cubes, putting crushed ice and ground natural sugar on top and also sugar syrup. Some people love to add more topping like rambutan, jackfruit, coconut jelly, sweet potato coated with syrup or attap fruit. According to the Wikipedia entry for Grass Jelly, there is a Malaysian version of bubble tea with the politically incorrect name of  'Michael Jackson' , a combination of grass jelly served in sweetened soy milk.

Glass jelly is popular dessert especially in hot season. It keeps your body cool and also is said to relieves heartburn or indigestion.

Also see Rambutan in Syrup and Jackfruit in Syrup.

Ingredients: Grass jelly, corn starch and water. Product of Taiwan.

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