Sugar Cane in Syrup, Chaokoh, 20.0 oz

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Sugar Cane in Syrup

Sugar Cane (known as aoi in Thai) is actually a grass which grows in tropical regions such as Thailand. This cane is the raw material for producing sugar.

Thai people like to eat this individually as if it were a fruit. It is sweet and juicy with a lovely fragrance - delicious! Cool in the fridge to consume on a hot day, it is an ideal way to eat sugar cane.

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Sugar Cane Juice  

A popular way to consume sugar cane in Thailand and across Asia is to press the sugar cane to extract the juice. It is a sweet and tantalizing treat always popular at a fair or street market and is delicious chilled on a hot day.

Ingredients: Sugar cane, water, sugar and citric acid. Product of Thailand.

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