Soybean, Product of USA, 12 oz

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Soybean is a high protein bean which is suitable for everyone. Because of its high nutrition value, people love to cook it in a variety of Thai foods or Thai desserts. Many kinds of dessert  like Khanom Tien are found in Thai cusine. This dessert  is stuffed with ground boiled-soybeans mixed with sugar and a bit of salt. Also, soybean can be made soymilk.

To make soymilk,  soak soybeans in water at least 5 hours or more and blend in blender. Also add a small amount of water to help it to mix well. Then put soybean in the pot, put it on stove and gently simmer until the milk comes out.  Pour both soybean dregs and milk into clean cheese cloth, squeeze out only the soymilk.   Add simple sugar syrup before drinking.

Some poeple like to add dessert ingredients like  pearl tapioca, black sesame seeds, glass jelly, or attap fruit as preference.

Ingredients: Product of USA.

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