Thai Rice Noodles (Sen Lek) (6pkg), Thai Farmer, 6x16 oz

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Rice Noodles (Sen Lek) (6pks)

These Rice Noodles (เส้นเล็ก sen lek in Thai) are for cooking rice noodle recipes. Sometimes referred to as pad thai noodles, these medium-sized flat rice noodles are known as sen lek in Thailand. The city of Chantaburi is famous for sen lek noodles, which are sometimes called Jantaboon after the nickname of the town. In Thailand rice noodles are also available fresh, and in two sizes: sen yai (wide) and sen lek (narrow). Sen lek is usually used in soups, salads and Pad Thai.

To prepare pre-soak the opaque brittle noodles in warm water for 40 minutes to an hour, to transform into soft noodles, before frying or adding to soups.

Rice noodles should be considered for inclusion in a gluten-free diet.

Also see Rice Noodles (Sen Lek), Egg Noodles, and Rice Noodles (Chantaboon Rice Sticks).

Ingredients: Rice Flour and water. Product of Thailand.

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