Somen Noodles, AC, 14 oz

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Somen Noodles
Somen noodles can be used in place of Kanom Jeen noodles, which are sold fresh in Thailand but are not available in the US. In Japan, these very thin round wheat noodles are almost always served cold on ice in summer dishes or salads. These somen noodles are white, with each bundle held in place by a paper band. To prepare somen noodles, cook for about 4 minutes in boiling water, drain and rinse. For Japanese dishes you may chill in the refrigerator and served cold in individual bowls with dipping sauce. For Thai Kanom Jeen coil into small mounds and allow to dry on a tray. Serve with Nam Yah Sauce or any of your favorite kanom jeen sauces.

Ingredients: Wheat flour and salt. Product of Japan.

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