Sour Bamboo Shoots in Brine, Caravelle, 32.0 oz

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Sour Bamboo Shoots

Pickled Sour Bamboo Shoots (naw my dong in Thai) are prepared by pickling boiled bamboo sprouts in brine, giving it a sour taste. Sour Bamboo Shoots are usually added to curries or boiled with pork riblets for a delicious simple soup. This white sour bamboo is a little softer than that of yellow bamboo.

There are also other types of bamboo used in Thai and Asian cooking. Bamboo shoots are packaged in both cans and glass jars, and can be pickled or not pickled (this type being more familiar to Westerners) or combined with with bai yanang.

Bamboo Shoots are the young shoots of the bamboo tree. The conical-shaped young shoot is covered with dark leaves and tiny hairs, which are peeled off before boiling. Inside the bamboo flesh is white. Wild bamboo is very popular in Thailand and is a staple part of the Thai diet. Now-a-days cultivated bamboo is more likely to be the type that reaches your table in the states.

Ingredients: Bamboo shoot, water, salt, citric acid, sodium bensoate and sodium metabisuifite. Product of Thailand.

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