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Red Rice

There are more than two thousand varieties of rice grown throughout the world. Thai Red Rice (kao gorng in Thai) is a type of rice which has a red colored bran covering the rice kernel.  Thai Red Cargo Rice is a non-glutionus long-grain rice similar to jasmine rice, but it is not a type of jasmine rice. Another type of red rice, Coral Red Jasmine Rice, is a semi-polished grain with a coral-hued kernel and is not currently available in the USA.  Red rice is high in fiber, because of the bran, and the flavor is stronger than hulled rice, tasting nutty and full. 

When cooked, this type of rice has a nutty smell (unlike Jasmine rice which has a somewhat floral smell) and the natural red color from the bran, leaches out, similar to purple sticky rice.  Red rice can be served with a variety of foods (not just Thai food) or it can be incorporated into a risotto and other mixed rice dishes as well. Red rice also can add a colorful foundation for summertime rice salads.

Red cargo rice is highly nutritious as only the husks are removed during the milling process thus leaving each grain naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Red cargo rice is a good source of thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), iron and calcium. Red rice is high in fiber, because of the unpolished bran, and the flavor is stronger than hulled rice, tasting nutty and full.

To prepare, try mixing red rice with brown jasmine rice in a ratio of one part red rice to three parts brown rice. This rice can also be cooked either as rice soup or combined with white jasmine rice in small quantities. As it takes less time to cook then brown rice but more then white jasmine rice, it may be best to pre-soak it seperately before adding to white jasmine rice.  If desired, soak 30 minutes or more before cooking (but not necessary) and steam by itself. The cooked grain is firm and chewy. It goes especially well with robust curries and vegetarian dishes.

This type of rice is commonly referred to as Red Cargo Rice. The term "cargo" came about because previously this type of rice was exported in bulk and then packaged for retail in smaller bags by the importer unlike white rice which is usually packaged for retail before export.

Rice is the perfect food for those with a gluten intolerance as no rice contains gluten. Rice is completely non-allergenic, so it is the grain for people with digestive problems. Red cargo rice may be suitable for a diabetic diet.

Store in a cool dry place for up to one year, well sealed.

Also see Brown Jasmine Rice and white Thai Jasmine Rice.


Thai Red Cargo Rice

Ingredients: Red rice. Product of Thailand.

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