Spring Roll Wrappers (Rice Paper) 6", Double Parrot, 12 oz

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Spring Roll Wrappers

Spring Roll Wrappers (also known as rice paper, rice paper rounds, spring roll skin, edible rice paper, wraps, banh trang or summer roll wrappers) are used in both Vietnamese and Thai cuisine for preparing fresh or fried spring rolls. These smaller sized rice papers (6" diameter) are perfect for Mini Thai Spring Rolls, a favorite for parties.

Before rice paper is softened, it is brittle and opaque and marked with a cross-hatched pattern. Rice paper is made up of mainly white rice powder mixed with tapioca flour to make the rice paper glutinous and smooth. The resultant thin batter is spread evenly on conveyor belts, steamed, and then sun-dried on long rectangular bamboo frames. Finally the rice paper is cut into circles, squares, or rectangles and packaged for sale. (Source: Chanh Khang, Rice Paper Manufacturer, Vietnam)

Rice paper is prepared by soaking one at a time in a plate of shallow water just to soften. Be careful not to over soak or the rice paper will start to disintegrate. Gently remove and roll up with a filling of cooked ground meats or other protein and shredded vegetables and herbs. Note that it is important to apply a little pressure, as you roll, to ensure that the roll is firm and tight.

Uncooked springrolls are called poh pia saht and can be stuffed with Chinese sausage, cucumber, tofu  and omelet and served with a dipping sauce. Springrolls fried in oil are called poh pia tawt and usually are stuffed with glass noodles and shrimp or pork. For a lower calorie version fry in a non-stick pan until golden brown and bake in the oven until crisp. For a Thai-style Spring Roll, serve with Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce. Or for a Vietnamese version, serve with a dipping sauce of Hoisin Sauce, topped with toasted fresh peanuts.

Spring roll wrappers are made from rice and tapioca flour, with no wheat products and therefore can be part of a gluten-free diet. Low in calories and fat and but high in protein, they are a healthy addition to any diet.

Store in a well sealed container out of direct sunlight for up to one year. (Size: 6 inch diameter, approximately 35-40 pc per package)

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Ingredients: Flour, salt and water. Product of Vietnam. 6" diameter.

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