Complete Set of 11 Veg and Fruit Carving DVDs, Nita Gill

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Complete Set of 11 Carving DVDs

These veg and fruit carving DVDs from professional carving instructor, Nita Gill, offer top quality instruction at a reasonable price. Both amateur and professional fruit carvers will appreciate the wide range of carving ideas presented in these DVD videos. Her tutorials are perfect for fruit carvers because Nita explains the carving techniques in detail, demonstrating how to carve step-by-step, so that you can really understand how to create the patterns and learn a few carving tricks. Nita will be your perfect carving teacher! The lessons are available separately or as a set.

A fruit carving knife is required to complete the course - Nita recommends Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knives, Set A (Kom Kom brand) or even better, the Thai Flexible Carving Knife, because it is so sharp, and can maneuver with ease like a pen.

The eleven lessons in this set are:

Lesson 1 — Onion Lotus Flowers

Learn to carve onion lotus flowers and small lily pad flowers. This lesson creates intricate flowers for display, to hold dips and sauces, or to steam and add to a meal.

Vegetable Carving DVD

Lesson 2 — Fruit Bouquets and Butterflies

Assemble a bouquet of brightly-colored fruits yourself, instead of purchasing an expensive arrangement. Adding a whimsical butterfly makes the bouquet a perfect gift or a special occasion decoration.

Edible Bouquet Carving DVD

Lesson 3 — Bunny Fruit Bowl and Calla Lilies

This adorable bunny-shaped melon bowl is a perfect container for fresh fruit salad. These calla lilies, carved from fennel, are an elegant decoration for your spring celebrations.

Melon Bunny Lilies Carving DVD

Lesson 4 — Yam Flowers and Cucumber Leaves

Learn to carve beautiful flowers from yams, and fresh green leaves from cucumbers.

Carved Yams & Turnips DVD

Lesson 5 — Watermelon Dahlia with U-cutters

Watermelon Flower CarvingWatermelon carving can be intimidating, but by using a corrugated U-cutter, you can create a beautiful watermelon flower quickly and easily.

With these simple to follow step-by-step lessons you will soon be creating impressive watermelon table centerpieces to amaze your friends and dinner party guests.

Lesson 6 — Fun with Peppers

Bell and chili peppers can be a dynamic part of your carving arrangements. Learn to make bell peppers into festive bowls, flowers, and even palm trees, and to turn chili peppers into delicate, spicy flowers.

Carved Peppers

Lesson 7 — Radish Lotus Flower Bouquet

With their dramatic coloration, radishes are a great choice for fruit carving. Learn to make nine kinds of radish flowers, and display them in a bouquet.

Radish Lotus Flowers Bouquet Carving

Lesson 8 — Fanciful Leeks and Onions

Spray flowers from leeks and onions are a fast and easy way to add variety and interest to your arrangements. Also learn charming garnishes for a plate, like onion curls.

Leek & Onion Vegetable Carving DVD

Lesson 9 — Veggie Bouquet with Jicama Flowers

Start with a no-carve vegetable crudites bouquet, and add carved jicama flowers for a special touch. Of course, all of it is edible!

Veggy Bouquet

Lesson 10 — Honeydew Lotus with Flower Centers

Use the skills from your earlier lessons to make intricate honeydew lotuses you can carve two from a single honeydew. Carved flower centers dress up these honeydew flowers.

Honeydew Melon Carving

Lesson 11 — Watermelon Carving

Watermelon carving is one of the most magical parts of Thai fruit carving. In the final lesson, you will learn to carve flowers, rosebuds, and detailed leaves from a ripe watermelon.

Watermelon Carving

Video clip from the Yam & Turnip Flowers Carving DVD

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