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Perfect Pad Thai Kit

The Perfect Pad Thai Kit includes all of the ingredients you need to make our Perfect Pad Thai recipe; pick up the fresh ingredients at your local grocery store (see list below).

Perfect Pad Thai Kit Includes:

Perfect Pad Thai Kit with Wok

Also available as Perfect Pad Thai Kit With Wok

Perfect Pad Thai Kit  

Perfect Pad Thai KitThe best Pad Thai is a contrast of soft noodles flavored with salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors accented by pickled sweet radish, crisp beansprouts, toasted peanuts, firm fried tofu, crunchy scallions and zippy lime.

Served at home, Pad Thai could be part of a party menu, with most of the preparation done in advance and a few minutes of last minute stir-frying. Or cook up Pad Thai as a quick weekend mid-day one plate dish, with the help of our Perfect Pad Thai Sauce recipe.

Other simpler Pad Thai versions add fish sauce, sugar, vinegar and chilies directly to the noodle stir fry to create the unique flavor profile. In our version here a seasoning sauce is prepared by boiling tamarind water, fish sauce and palm sugar together.

No Pad Thai dish is complete without the addition of pickled radish, ground peanuts, ground chilies and garnished with lime halves and scallions.

Cooks tip: To insure success soak rice noodles in cool tap water for 40 minutes before stir-frying for tender but not sticky noodles.

Additional Grocery Items for the Perfect Pad Thai Recipe:

  1. Peanut Oil or other Vegetable Oil
  2. Frozen Shrimp or Pork
  3. Firm Tofu
  4. Garlic
  5. Shallots
  6. Eggs
  7. Bean Sprouts
  8. Garlic Chives and/or Scallions
  9. Lime

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