Nam Powder Seasoning, Lobo, 2.4 oz

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Nam Powder Seasoning

Nam Powder Seasoning (Powder for Fermenting Pork), Lobo brand is used to make the Isan favorite, nam sausage. Nam is a unique way of preserving meat with unmatched flavor among other Thai dishes. Banana leaf is still used to wrap the preserved meat in the countryside, while modern meat packers deploy automation to process Nam which is stuffed into hi-tech packaging tubes. During Thai festival seasons, because Nam requires pork rind, it's not unusual to witness a shortage of pork rind around Thailand. See Lobo's how to cook video below to learn how easy it is to make this dish at home.

To prepare, chop 1 lb. pork steak and 1/2 lb pork rind with seasoning, fresh garlic and fresh chili peppers.

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Ingredients: Dextrose, lactose, salt, msg 621 and glucono delta lactone 575. Product of Thailand.

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