Thai Panang Curry Paste (2pkg), Lobo, 1.75 oz

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Panang Curry Paste, Lobo

Panang Curry Paste (nam prik gaeng panang) from Lobo brand is made with high quality ingredients and packaged in a convenient small sachet. The name of this curry, Panang, suggests its Malaysian origin, being named after the island city on the West coast of Malaysia. It is a full bodied, creamy curry made with various spices and goes well with steamed jasmine rice.

This type of Thai curry is a favorite of foreigner visitors to Thailand. Panang Curry is a drier type of curry. Prepared with less coconut milk then other types of Thai curries, Panang curry is usually made with beef, but it can also be used for seafood or chicken curries. Vegetables are not usually added to Panang curry. Top the finished dish with finely cut fresh kaffir lime leaves for a aromatic and attractive garnish.

See an authentic Thai recipe for Panang Curry.

Note: There are 2 (1.75 oz) pkg per order.

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