Tom Kah Paste (2pkg), Lobo, 1.76 oz

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Tom Kah Paste

Tom Kah is a famous Thai soup which is delightful creamy with coconut and flavored by lemongrass, galangal root, and kaffir lime leaves.  Thai people like to use Lobo brand Tom Kha paste when they are in a hurry or when all the necessary fresh Thai herbs are not at hand. This packet of ready-made paste makes one dish of soup.

To make the most delicious Tom Kha outside of Thailand, try adding to the recipe: sliced chicken breast, half a can of coconut milk, fresh or canned mushrooms, fresh Thai chili peppers, sliced fresh lemongrass, torn kaffir lime leaf, Thai fish sauce and fresh lime juice.

Simply boil canned coconut milk, add the paste and chicken. For a more authentic taste add fish sauce. See our recipe for Thai Chicken Soup in Coconut Milk.

Ingredients: Salt, spices, galangal, lemon grass, vegetable oil, sugar, MSG, and citric acid (no colorings or preservatives added). Product of Thailand.

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