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Thai Food Recipes, the authentic taste of Thailand!

Thai Food & Fruit Carving Newsletter

Our Thai food and fruit carving newsletter contains informative articles, mouth watering recipes and upcoming events in the world of Thai food. You'll also find fruit carving ideas and designs and special offers and discounts for subscribers only. It's free to subscribe so why not sign up today!

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Newsletter Archive  

New!Som Tum Thai Recipe & Watermelon Carving Contest 2012 - spice up your summer with this classic North Eastern recipe for papaya salad - Som Tum Thai. This year's 2012 watermelon carving contest is open for you to submit your entry - hurry as the deadline is August 4th.


Delicious Thai Yellow Curry Recipe & Garnishing Gift Ideas This month we feature a tasty Thai Yellow Curry recipe and suggest some great foodie and fruit carving gift ideas for the holiday season.

Thai Egg Roll Recipe & Holiday Gift Guide Always a popular appetizer for parties you'll love our Thai Egg Roll recipe. Kaitlyn Moore writes about gift ideas for a foodie friend or family member, part 1 of 2.

Thai Iced Tea & Two Complete Fruit Carving Lessons on DVD from Nita Gill Always a summer favorite to cool you down, enjoy our Thai Iced Tea Thai recipe. We also feature Nita Gills beautiful melon carving instructional DVD.

Healthy Fresh Thai Spring Rolls & A new collection of Nita Gill carving DVDs This month we feature a healthy vegetarian Fresh Spring Roll recipe and reveal a new collection of DVDs from professional fruit carving instructor Nita Gill.

Tom Kha Gai & 3 More Thai Recipes This month we feature a new Tom Kha Recipe and three more recipes for Thai Spring Rolls, Thai Beef Salad (Yam Neua) and Vegetarian Tofu with Garlic and Pepper. We also present a new DVD from professional carving instructor Chef Ray Duey also known as 'Chef Garnish'.

Duck Curry and Street & Valentines Day Fruit Carving This newsletter contains a delicious recipe for Thai Duck Curry using homemade red curry paste. You can also read our blog post about street food inspired appetizers or carve yourself a wonderful Valentines Day centerpiece using Nita Gil's 'Hearts and Roses' fruit carving DVD.

Massaman Curry Recipe & Carved Edible Veggie Bouquets Our homemade Massaman Curry Paste recipe made into a delectable wintery beef and potato curry, served with sourdough bread and red wine is perfect for a snowy evening at the fireside. You will be sure to impress your holiday guests with a carved vegetable flower bouquet, which is easy to learn with this new step-by-step DVD from fruit carving professional, Nita Gill.

Red Curry Recipe & Halloween Pumpkin Carving Here's our traditional red curry recipe including a recipe to make your own curry paste. We also have some excellent pumpkin carving ideas from Chef Ray Duey. Why not make your own Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween?

Roti Recipe - delicious flaky wheat flour pan-fried bread. This month we have a Roti recipe and video of a roti street vendor. We also have a beautiful step-by-step watermelon carving for you to try.

Salim - A Colorful Thai Dessert. This month we have the Thai dessert 'Salim' which is sweet noodles in coconut milk, when served chilled it is popular on hot days. We also have a beautiful step-by-step watermelon carving for you to try.

Khao Soi - a Northern Thai favorite. In our latest e-newsletter you will find an authentic Thai recipe for the famous Chiang Mai noodle dish. Also find melon carving ideas for your next fruit carving.

Thai Appetizer, Galloping Horses! In our latest e-newsletter you will find an authentic Thai appetizer recipe from The Prem Organic Cooking and Farming Academy in Thailand. Also learn another Easy Vegetable Garnish for a Radish Flower.

March 2010 In this newsletter we have an all new recipe for vegetarian pad thai and an onion vegetable carving pattern.

February 2010 Happy Chinese New Year! A year of the Tiger special featuring Five Spice Stew (Pa-Loh) and a simple cucumber leaf garnishing pattern.

January 2010 This month we have a vegetarian version of the famous Tom Yum spicy Thai soup. Also included is a step-by-step Vegetable Carving for a Carrot Carnation Flower. Simple, elegant and beautiful!

November 2009 Featured recipe is a delicious, quick and simple Lemongrass Salad from cookbook writer Pum from her book 'Lazy Thai Cuisine'. The fruit carving is a Carved Pumpkin Bowl from the book 'Thai Exquisite Cuisine & Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving'.

October 2009 We are celebrating 10 years of Thai food and fruit carving! Featured recipe with video is Thai Pumpkin Custard Dessert.

July 2009 Enjoy an authentic Thai recipe for Deep-Fried Fish in Tamarind Sauce from the new Prem Organic Thai Cooking School in Chiang Mai, Thailand and learn a a fabulous Red Radish Flower Vegetable Carving, perfect for the hot summer months, via our step-by-step photo directions.

June 2009 Find a recipe for Thai Spring Rolls from the Pranakorn Narnlen Hotel in Bangkok and read about this eco-friendly place to stay for your next trip to Thailand. Learn an easy, basic vegetable garnish, a Carrot Leaf Carving.

December 2008 Find a recipe for Peanut Satay Sauce and see our featured sets: Super Satay Set & the Perfect Pad Thai Kit. A Special offer of a FREE Kiwi Pro-Slice Peeler with our Step-by-Step Book & Deluxe Garnishing Set. Also featured is the Mortar & Pestle.

November 2008 Find a recipe for Iced Vietnamese Coffee from this new DVD and recipe book set, Lao Thai Food Video & Cookbook by Manivan Larprom. We offer you unique gift ideas for cooks -the essential utensil, the Thai Granite Stone Mortar & Pestle and DVD set with carving knife, How to Carve Fruits and Vegetables the Thai Way. Also check out with a package of Nittaya Fresh Curry Pastes for fast holiday meals.

December 2007 Happy Holidays! Find a recipe for Masaman Curry from the South of Thailand, along with a step by step tutorial for a gorgeous watermelon carving. We offer you two fantastic gift ideas - a mulberry paper boxed fruit carving DVD and knife and also a set of three Thai Food Cooking DVDs from the famous Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts in Thailand.

November 2007 Get great gift ideas including our Deluxe Vegetable & Fruit Carving Knife & Book Set and Perfect Pad Thai Kit. Get started carving with this easy Cantaloupe melon fruit carving centerpiece. Panang Curry is a rich, smooth curry you can prepare in less then 30 minutes with the help of Nittaya brand curry pastes from Bangkok.

July 2006 For summer entertaining at home get a recipe and all the fixings for grilled Chicken Satay and a Lotus Watermelon Carving. This months newsletter also features a new Fruit Carving DVD by Chef Ray Duey.

June 2006 Featured product this month is Thick Black Soy Sauce and as used in the delicious recipe for Beef with Black Bean Sauce. The fruit carving feature comes from the book Vegetable & Fruit Carving Exquisite Vessel and is the pattern for a Watermelon Fruit Basket.

May 2006 In this months's newsletter you will find step by step instructions for carving a carrot rose from our latest fruit and vegetable carving book, A Variety of Flowers. Also get a quick and easy Thai recipe for Seafood Salad in time for warmer weather, from A Passion for Thai Cooking, a new cookbook from Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School.

March 2006 Get a spicy recipe for Pad Kee Mao, Drunken Stir Fry Chicken. This dish is a favorite served with fire quenching drinks. If you don't have time to cook, take a short-cut with ready-made MaeSri brand Chili and Basil Paste.

February 2006 - Authentic Thai recipe for Mee Krob, Crispy Thai Noodles with Sweet and Sour Sauce from our cookbook, Best of Thai Dishes. Find out about the best type of noodles to use for this classic dish, Rice Vermicelli Noodles.

November 2005 - Try our authentic Thai Green Curry Recipe & Thai Green Curry Paste recipe from Popular Thai Cuisine cookbook; also check out our XL Granite Mortar & Pestles perfect for gift giving. No time to cook? Take a shortcut to homemade taste, with Nittaya brand curry pastes, flown directly from Bangkok.

October 2005 - In time for the fall season learn a floral Pumpkin Carving and for your Autumn parties try our new snacks as featured in the David Rosengarten Report, Snacks for Snobs!!! Find out about DIY Network Thai Party featuring Loy Krathong.

September 2005 - Food TV's Bobby Flay visits Bangkok Center Grocery in NYC to make his Thai-style BBQ menu for an outdoor party. American Life Networks cable TV host, Dim Geefay, teaches you 5 days a week how to make authentic Thai food in the Western kitchen with her daughter, Cathy.

July 2005 Watermelon Carving for a dolphin-shaped bowl perfect for serving summertime melon salads; introducing Nittaya brand curry pastes made fresh in the heart of old Bangkok and flown directly to our location in NYC, you cannot find a fresher curry paste for your authentic Thai curry.

January 2005 Happy New Year; featured recipe from the Authentic Thai Food cookbook, Thai Red Curry with Roasted Duck.

December 2004 Perfect holiday party fare get our Egg roll recipe with homemade Egg roll sauce.

November 2004 Red Chicken Curry Recipe with Homemade Red Curry Paste is our featured from Popular Thai Cuisine Cookbook, in time for holiday gift buying. See our article about Coconut and Cholesterol. Check out the granite mortar and pestles making the perfect gift.

October 2004 Meet Supatra Johnson, cooking instructor, restauranter, and cookbooks author. This month's newsletter features her easy Thai recipe for Chicken with Lemongrass. Shop for her new cookbook, Crying Tiger: Thai Recipes from the Heart.

August 2004 Pad Thai is a simple noodle dish that makes for a great one -dish meal in the hot dog days of summer.

July 2004 Satay makes for a great outdoor barbeque either with this authentic recipe or our already prepared pastes and sauces. See Popular Thai Cuisine cookbook on sale until the end of this month!

June 2004 This summer enjoy exotic drinks & desserts for a cool ending to your next Asian-inspired meal: Thai iced tea and Thai-style Corn Pudding. Bring you next backyard barbeque to a pleasantly unexpected finish, with these tropical treats. You will find many exotic Thai desserts in our Step-By-Step Thai Dessert cookbook now on sale!

February 2004 Discover the best Thai food brand from Thai cooking instructor Kasma Loha-unchit for creating great Thai food at home. Also we also introduce you to 2 friends of Temple of Thai: BellaOnline Thai Food Forum & a new line of Heat & Serve Frozen Southeast Asian Foods from restauranter Joe Antonaccio and his wife Chanthip.

January 2004 Get an authentic Thai recipe for Yellow Chicken Curry with a curry paste made from scratch using dried roasted spices. Find out how to  get Coconut Cream from Kasma Loha-Unchit. Enjoy our sale price on Authentic Thai Foods cookbook, our best seller, from which this recipe was taken.

December 2003 Take 20% off our most popular Thai cookbooks in time for gift giving, enjoy a Thai recipe for Braised Beef Soup from our newest cookbook Popular Thai Cuisine and get you and your friends a beautiful granite mortar and pestle!

November 2003 Authentic Thai Foods cookbook, our most popular title is on sale this month; check out a recipe from it for Thai Fish Cakes, popular in Thai restaurants in the US. Also get ready for the holidays with our granite mortar and pestle, perfect gift for your holiday cooking or your friends

September 2003 La Cucinca Italiana magazine has featured our granite mortar and pestle in their current issue Style section for making olive tapenade. Also find our Homemade Thai Curry Paste kit with all the ingredients and a simple recipe to use with your new mortar and pestle!

June 2003 Hot weather is great for our authentic tropical Thai recipe for Green Papaya Salad from our Spicy Thai Cuisine cookbook. Check out imported Miracle Knives to make this salad in a snap. Also another easy vegetable carving using a cucumber for a White Lotus from our Step By Step Fruit & Vegetable Carving book.

May 2003 Don't miss this month's newsletter for two quick and easy recipes and techniques to add to your expanding Thai repertoire: a simple Spring Roll recipe from our Vegetarian Thai Cookbook and a fruit carving suitable for busy people, an Apple Leaf.

April 2003 Featuring a springtime Thai recipe for Thai Prawns with Asparagus and also unique Thai cookbooks imported from Thailand including Thai Desserts and Thai Hawker Food. Happy Thai New Year!

December 2002 Featuring Tom Yum: Thai Chicken Soup from our cookbook Best of Thai Dishes.

November 2002 Find out how to prepare lemon grass for cooking Thai food, and get a recipe for Thai Peanut Sauce from Kasma Loha-unchit. And Check out our special newsletter reader only sales!

September 2002 In the United States, it is time to go back to school, to rake leaves and start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. In Thailand, the kids have been at school since after the New Year in April, and the weather just continues to be hot. So if it is not too late, how about one last barbeque recipe, before it gets too cold! Chicken satay - not really a Thai recipe, but it must be on every Thai restaurant menu in the USA is our featured recipe for this month. Also we introduce several new products.

July & August 2002 Our featured ingredient is sticky rice one again. You will find sticky rice recipe links from around the world, as well as several Thai recipe links to the Temple of Thai.

June 2002 Enjoy a summertime recipe from Kasma for Marinated Grilled Chicken with Sweet Sauce served with steamed Thai Sticky Rice. Find out about different types of Asian sticky rice and get some great links to recipes around the web. Next month's newsletter will also feature this sticky staple!

May 2002 Featuring fish sauce: what it is; a visit to a Thai fish sauce factory; how to choose a good fish sauce; and two recipes using fish sauce from Thai cookbook author, Kasma Loha-unchit. Also find out how to say 'fish sauce' in 7 languages!

April 2002 Happy Thai New Year! We are celebrating 'Songkran' in Thailand by throwing buckets of water on each other during the hottest time of the year. As the temperatures reach into the upper 90's, appetites wane and sleep is the only way to get through the afternoons. So please enjoy our greeting card from us to you to thank you for the great year. Thank you to all our customers!

March 2002 After a 4 month lapse (due to the busy holiday season) we are back with great sales for newsletter readers only! You will find an authentic recipe for the most famous Thai soup - Tom Yum Taleh. This recipe comes from the wife of a doctor in the South of Thailand. It is extra sour and spicy! Aroy dee! (Very delicious). Our featured ingredient is Kaffir Lime Leaf.

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